AURA - luxurious illumination to wellness

Decorate your shower with functional, design element of many features.

If you are one of those who expect only classic water showering, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ceiling element Aura.

In its beautifully designed body you can find a lot of options that makes the ordinary showering more interesting. In addition to the already mentioned water flowing from carefully placed jets, you can enjoy colorful game of lights, so-called chromotherapy, or listen to the relaxing music from the built-in loudspeaker.

Unique features

  • „Starry sky“ lights – Stylishly distributed optical fibers can be placed on the ceiling or walls. Visually, they can remind the night sky, specific constellations, geometric pattern or abstract scenes. Available in white or RGB colors.
  • BlueTrans Surround Sound System – Unique sound system using the entire bathtub shell as one big vibrating speaker making the experience of bathing with a musical background even more powerful.
  • Installation –This distinctive light element is very easy to install as the last dot of the construction of a private spa.
  • Color design –The Aura light element is delivered in a super-luxurious version of the granite, which can be tuned with the rest of the space and complement it with its functions. In addition to the spa, it can also be used in bathrooms, showers, relax rooms, steam baths, hotel receptions and wellness centers or above the circular spas.