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Infrasaunas - img 1
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A modern version of the classical sauna, equipped with infrared radiators or special foils, which only warm your body instead of the whole space.

If you don’t like high temperatures and you do not go to the Finnish sauna because of this fact, the infrasauna can be the right solution for you. The heat has a final temperature of 30 to 50 °C, which prevents dyspnoea or fainting.

Unique features


  • Caritti lights – a unique system of optical fibers nicely lightens the sauna area without the risk of humidity getting through the cabling.
  • All-glass walls – an impressive glass fronted wall or even two walls together with the designed contact in the corner adds to your sauna the look of minimalistic elegance.
  • Automatic water and aroma dispenser - Set the level of steam dosage and relaxing aroma right during the sauna ceremonial or use the automatic pre-selected mode.



Gets toxins out of the body. Pores open up by heat. The sweat can rinse out the impurity.

Boosts immunity system of the body.

Helps relieve the pain and muscles stiffness associated with arthritis and rheumatism, blood stream disorders or migraine.

Abachi - African willow


Bright, knot-free wood that is distinguished by its minimal thermal conductivity and long-life service. It is used on all surfaces that are in direct contact with the skin.

Cedar - Canadian red


Wood with diversity of colours and natural aroma. It resists humidity and has almost unlimited lifetime. Cedar has excellent thermal-insulation properties.

Nordic spruce - Thermowood

It‘s characterized by varied natural design with small knots and lively structure.