Combine business with pleasure

Beneficial effects of sauna are well known for centuries. The feeling of a pleasant tingling after few minutes of warming, followed by a sudden chill, is not equal to anything else.

It’s proven that taking sauna regularly boosts the immunity system, relieves strained muscles and refreshes mind.

It’s up to you, which type of sauna solution will you prefer. We’ll prepare the final project, visualization and the first-class realization.

Finnish Saunas

Wooden classic among saunas. The small cabin closes almost hermetically thanks to low humidity and temperature of 80 to 110 °C. It absorbs all the pain of your body and mind.


A modern version of the classical sauna, equipped with infrared radiators or special foils, which only warm your body instead of the whole space.


Relax without worrying about high temperatures or dyspnoea typical for the classic steam sauna. Discover the golden middle path with innovative custom-made biosauna.

Barrel Saunas


Get yourself something really special and original. Decorate your garden or terrace with a unique sauna in the shape of a giant barrel.

Combined Saunas

Select the sauna equipment exactly according to your wishes and needs. Enjoy a truly unique experience in a private wellness center.

Saltair - SeaClimate

Take yourself to the shores of the ocean. The air here is several hundred times richer in beneficial ions that help blood to be better oxygenated.