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Saltair - SeaClimate

Take yourself to the shores of the ocean. The air here is several hundred times richer in beneficial ions that help blood to be better oxygenated

Get rid of various respiration problems with fresh air you normally breathe at the top of the mountains or at the seaside. Combine your Saltair cabin with infrared heaters for the sauna effect. All of it at your home, made in an elegant first-class package by CARETTA SPA.

Brine for health and beauty

  • Helps with hay fever, allergies and asthma
  • Prevents cold and bronchitis
  • Has positive results in the treatment of psoriasis and various types of eczema​
  • Has the overall „Beauty Effect“


The SeaClimate ultrasonic atomizers produce fine, dry, velvet mist from a high-quality brine solution. The so-called aerosols have the ability to get deep into the respiratory tract but also through miniature pores into the skin.

The positive effects of sea climate are proven and are very beneficial especially for respiratory and skin diseases.

Additionally, OxygenConcept's Dead Sea salt additives make miracles after 20 minutes already. By activating cellular metabolism, your skin will shine with health and beauty.

Negatively ionized oxygen

  • Neutralizes bacteria, viruses, germs
  • Restores the body cells
  • Increases concentration and performance
  • Has positive effect on respiratory and skin diseases


Why clean, fresh air is most often present in the woods, in the mountains, as a sea breeze or after a thunderstorm? Because just then is the air saturated with negative ionized oxygen, which merges with dust particles, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants in the atmosphere, which are charged with positive ions and are neutralized then. The air is cleansed wonderfully and we can feel its positive effects on our organism.

 If you suffer from headaches, tiredness, sleep disorders or even depression, a regular stay in the cabin with SeaClimate ceiling ionizer will relieve you from these troubles.


More oxygen for your vitality

  • Delays the aging
  • Boosts the immune system  
  • Eliminates breathing difficulties
  • Reduces stress


High performance concentrators enrich the air with valuable oxygen molecules. With astonishing results - the oxygen can be increased by up to 35%

SeaClimate oxygen concentrators have been developed on the NASA technology basis that is still used whitin a space travel nowadays.