Need to switch off?

Forget those crowdy wellness centres and enjoy comfortable relaxation in the privacy of your home. Clear your head after a busy day at work or relax your stiff muscles and joints after a sport performance.

Treat yourself to a real extras – a custom-made spa from  the Caretta Individual product line. Magic experience is stronger using various therapeutical modes, as well as mood lights or unique in-built audio system.

Custom-built models are usually dispatched within 3 weeks since ordering.


Your dreams are more reachable now. Elegance and affordability, this is our new COLOSSEO whirlpool from the X-position line. Choose any position of your body and don‘t be restricted by a rugged internal arrangement. 


Another model from the X-position series is the DELIRIO whirlpool, which has ample interior space and variable arrangement of massage sets. It is designed for installation in almost any space. 


Are you looking for a comfortable two-seat whirlpool suitable for installation in a garden, a terrace, or in a family house? Indulge a magic relaxation in bubbles in GEMINO spa which is distinguished by the perfect ergonomics of its loungers designed for your ultimate comfort. Ideal especially for couples.


More hydromassage jets mean more effective body massage. Therefore is GEMINO PREMIUM a clear choice. Additionally, we add a blower system and Caretta Connect technology to keep your spa always under control via the Wi-Fi interface.


It doesn’t have to be St. Valentine's Day to experience a perfect romance in two. Put your partner in the mood not only with a delicate bubble massage, but also with pleasant music via the high-quality Blue Trans audio system, which ripples the whirlpool shell as one big speaker. Not in vain, GEMINO DIAMOND is very popular among users.

Tempesta FRESH

Gather the whole family and share the magic moments in the spacious spa. TEMPESTA is an upgraded version of CARETTA FAMILY model, which is our long-term best-seller.

Tempesta PREMIUM

Why a family relaxing in your spa could not be as equally traditional as the classic Sunday family lunch? Enjoy plenty of joy with more hydromassage jets, extra massage pump, blower system with added air jets and Wi-Fi connection.

Tempesta DIAMOND

The diamond edition boasts a strengthened massage in the area of arms, which can  be appreciated especially by housewives and do-it-yourself guys who don‘t let their hands relax. The ultimate sound experience is allowed due to a built-in Blue Trans surround system. Additionally, RGB led backlit waterfall enchants your visual senses and provides a pleasant neck massage of course.

Infinité FRESH

Exclusive whirlpool for those, who always demand the best. Invite your friends or enjoy luxurious family moments whenever you desire for relaxation. Blower system supplemented with air jets is already part of the basic model FRESH.

Infinité PREMIUM

Up to five-seat whirlpool INFINITÉ PREMIUM is the flagship of Caretta SPA company. This is a luxurious whirlpool suitable for the garden, the terrace or the interior of the family house installation. The PREMIUM version includes larger number of massage jets, an extra pump and the ability to wirelessly control your whirlpool with Caretta Connect technology.

Infinité DIAMOND

Forget the overcrowded public spas! Maximum inner comfort, the most efficient layout of massage positions, stainless steel handrails for safer getting in and out, 78 hydromassage jets, Wi-Fi interface, BlueTrans audio system ... Have you managed to fall in love with the diamond edition of INFINITÉ model yet? It’s waiting just for you!

CLUB 250

Furnishing a luxurious mountain resort or a city wellness? Spacious spa CLUB 250 will definitely become the most attractive place of your relaxation zone.


With our CARETTA INDIVIDUAL programme we can together create a real gem outstanding at your home wellness zone. CARETTA INDIVIDUAL product is developed the same way as a made-to-measure dress.